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06 March 2009 @ 05:41 pm
community rules;
» do not cross-post icons for a set challenge, the icons are strictly for the community only (of course you can use them for your own personal use).
» all icons must be in the livejournal size limit of 40kb and 100 x 100 in pixel dimensions; .PNG ONLY!
» challenges will only be extended if the moderators deem it necessary; most likely the first few weeks getting started
» all entry icons must be new for each challenge, nothing "recycled" from previous communities, icon journals, graphic journals, etc.
» if you wish to use an icon submitted, please ask the maker at the end of the challenge AFTER the results are posted.

challenge rules;
» you CAN NOT use images outside of the provided for a challenge
» you MUST be a member of the community to participate in the challenges
» challenge entries must be submitted by 10:00PM (PST) on friday each week; unless challenge is extended
» the voting period is from saturday to sunday at midnight (PST)
» awards & winners are posted every monday along with a new challenge
» you may enter TWO icons per challenge.
06 March 2009 @ 04:19 pm
Welcome to disneychallenge, a Disney icon challenge community. Anyone is welcome to join and enter the contests, we encourage everyone to enter here. It makes the community more fun. Contests will be held each week and the voting will be held every friday.

The challenges will include a variety of different Disney subjects, including: Disney Channel, DC Movies, Disney Classic Movies, Pixar, Disney kids, basically anything related to Disney. Not just the stars that are part of it.

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